Calling all Cosplayers!

Greensboro Comicon is your destination for all things costuming, characters, and cosplay! Located in the heart of downtown Greensboro, GCC is the prime spot to come strut your stuff and show off your hard work! Please familiarize yourself with our weapons policy (listed below). We’ve got cosplay panels, photoshoots, and of course the contest!


Let the world see the hero (or villain) you are on the inside, bursting through for this special occasion at the Greensboro Comicon Cosplay Showcase you can join us in the Summit Room at 4pm Sunday!, strut your stuff on stage with the best of them. Whether you made your own costume from scratch, thrifted it together, or bought it from a pro, show off your look and be proud in your second skin!

All those who wish to participate may!

The contestant(s) winning the Showcase in their category will receive a super nifty certificate!

The Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest Winners and Showcase Winner(s) will be named at the end of the Showcase!

greensboro comicon cosplay


Please read this entire policy before attending Greensboro Comicon. Failure to follow this policy may result in your removal from the convention without refund.
At the discretion of Security onsite, the following may be allowed:

  • Plastic and Metal Shields
  • Lightweight Plastic/PVC Props/Light Sabers
  • Toy guns as long as they do not look like real ones, cannot function or shoot projectiles and have an orange tip on the barrel.  The barrel of all prop firearms must be covered with brightly-colored caps. Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips made of foam or cardboard.

If any of the above items are deemed unsafe by GCC Security, they will not be allowed inside the building. They will only be allowed as long as they are deemed safe and will not cause harm onsite.

If you’re bringing, buying or selling something that could maim, damage or cause bodily harm, we’re going to take issue. The following items are forbidden at Greensboro Comicon:

  • Functional firearms (including air soft guns, BB guns, cap guns, paintball guns and pellet guns)
  • Realistic replica firearms (including reproduction, fake or toy guns that can be confused for functional firearms)
  • Functional projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, long bows, silly string, slingshots, water balloons and water guns)
  • Sharpened metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatches, knives, kunai, shuriken, swords, sword canes and switch blades)
  • Explosives (including firecrackers and fireworks)
  • Chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray)
  • Blunt weapons (including brass knuckles, clubs and nunchaku)
  • Hard prop weapons (including props made of metal, fiberglass, PVC, wood and glass)
  • Instruments that cause excessive noise levels like vuvuzelas, grenade whistles and grenade horns
  • Whips
  • Aerosol canisters
  • Drones
  • Selfie sticks
  • Dink Donk Spikes