Sunday September 15

 (Floor 10am – 5pm)

Summit Panel Room (1st Stage) is located downstairs  

12:00 Summit Panel Room
Kids Love Comics!

It’s no secret that kids have always loved comics, but in recent years there has been a revolution in kids and young adult graphic novel publishing. Come join us for a chat with comic book creators as we find out just what makes a great comic book for kids. Kids are encouraged to come so we can hear all about your favorite comics! Panelists include Chris Giarusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels) and Brian Smitty Smith (The Stuff of Legend, SpongeBob Comics). Moderated by Siena Fallon (Operations Manager of Ultimate Comics).

1:00 Summit Panel Room
Writing Comics!

Do you dream about writing your own comic? Get the inside scoop from writers like Chris Sims (Darkhawk, X-Men ‘92), Bridgit Connell (Brother Nash), and Rob Potchak (Junior High Horrors) about what it’s like to do this and how to take that next step!

2:00 Summit Panel Room
Queer Comics

 Now that you’ve had a chance to enjoy the Pride Parade outside, come on in and talk to a panel representing diversity across gender and sexual identities as we talk about comics that are getting it right this year!

3:00 Summit Panel Room
46 Days Until Halloween!

With Halloween coming up fast, join Full Moon horror movie writer Brockton McKinney, Army of Darkness comic writer Chris Sims, and horror enthusiast Siena Fallon in a discussion of why we love being spooked!

4:00 Summit Ball Room
Cosplay Showcase!